Gang form, Euro Form

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Gang form, Euro Form

Gang form, Euro Form

Gang Form

A large-scale panel produced in the shape of each structure or the form completed by connecting each member into one to construct an architectural structure or large civil engineering structure is referred to as gang form.


Main member specifications

주요 부재 사양
Main member size contents
Flat bar 3.2t Apply to the remaining skin plate part other than a bump
Bump 2.0t Apply to bump (Rib) specification
Horizontal reinforcement 50*30*2.3t Apply to the middle part as horizontal reinforcement
Vertical reinforcement 50*30*2.3t A member that applies to bump as vertical reinforcement
20*20*2t A member that applies to flat bar as vertical reinforcement
Square pipe 50*30*2t Member used to flat bar as top/bottom reinforcement
Lifting lug φ20*750L Member used in lifting work
Foothold EX-METAL,Foothold / W=500,680 A foothold to get ready for preventing a fall accident
Safety balustrade 40*20 Balustrade handle to get ready for preventing a fall accident

Strength of gang form

  • Safe construction : cage, Preventing a fall accident by installing cage, safe foothold, handrail, foothold
  • Concrete quality maximization : Guarantee concrete quality in a high-rise building with 30 stories and over
  • Reducing costs of scaffold member and installation/removal : Plant produces each part and assembly and installation at the site.
  • Extraction work in parallel : Workers can perform extraction work and do the form setting simultaneously on the four-step or three-step foothold
  • Personnel expense reduction with the enlargement of mold : ave personnel expenses, using uniform, large mold, which can replace manual work in the work process
  • Good condition of site organization : Good arrangement and condition by using a uniform gang form

Euro Form

Used in wall structures in various forms. Designed for easy use in wall structures in any shapes by combining various kinds of panels


Euro Form size and weight

A(mm) B(mm) Weight(kg)
200 1200 11.1
300 1200 12.8
400 1200 14.6
450 1200 15.5
500 1200 16.9
600 1200 19.0

Strength of Euro Form


Euro Form is a formwork system developed to exhibit diversity with simple structure, which saves material expenses by increasing the number of times of repeated uses and greatly reduces personnel expenses and other costs, shortening the term of construction by simplifying and accelerating the work.

Incorner Panel

Mold for the wall, used to connect to in-corner


In-corner product size

인코어 제품규격
인코어 제품규격
A*B(mm) L(mm) T(mm) Weight(kg)
100*100 1200 2.3 10.8
100*150 1200 2.3 12.2
100*200 1200 2.3 13.2
150*150 1200 2.3 13.2

Out-corner Angle

Used to connect to out-corner of the wall

A*B(mm) L(mm) T(mm) Weight(kg)
65*65 1200 6.0 6.8
65*65 2400 6.0 13.6

Square Pipe

The galvanized square tube fixed at the bottom of sheathing board that is used to transfer the load at the top to the yoke.  

A*B(mm) L(mm) T(mm) Weight(kg)
50*50 2m 2.0 6.0
50*50 2m 2.0 9.0
50*50 4m 2.0 12.0

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