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HL 605 System Support

System Support consists of vertical material, horizontal material, cross bracing, jack base, u-head, socket, and square tube (Yoke), which is a supporting post that supports high story height of basement structure or multi-purpose building

  • Vertical material

    Size L(mm) Weight(kg)
    P-25 2588 12.0
    P-17 1725 8.0
    P-12 1291 6.2
    P-8 863 4.4
    P-4 432 3.0
    P-2 216 2.0
  • Horizontal material

    Size Support interval(mm) Weight(kg)
    H-18 1829 5.0
    H-15 1524 4.3
    H-12 1219 3.5
    H-9 914 2.8
    H-6 610 2.1
    H-3 305 1.3
  • Cross bracing

    Size L(mm) A B Weight(kg)
    B-1718 2332 2332 1829 5.8
    B-1715 2139 2139 1524 5.3
    B-1712 1974 1974 1219 5.0
    B-1709 1845 1845 914 4.7
    B-1218 2032 2032 1829 5.0
    B-1215 1808 1808 1524 4.6
    B-1212 1609 1609 1219 4.2
    B-1209 1448 1448 914 3.8
  • Truss

      Jack base U-head Socket Square tube (Yoke)
    Size 600 600 120 125*75*3.2t
    Length of use(mm) 50~450 150~450    
    Weight 5.0 5.4 0.5 9kg/m case

    Order of Installation and Assembly

    • Assemble the support P-2 (P-4) to the jack base and fix it to the place to install. 

    • Connect the horizontal material to the support. Now, insert the plate slightly. (* Fix the position, installing a horizontal cross bracing.)

    • Insert the support. Now, level it roughly.

    • Install the upper horizontal material. (* Level it completely, installing the vertical cross bracing, and completely fix the pin that has been slightly fixed.)

    • Assemble the two-step additional vertical member and install the cross bracing before fixing the wedge completely.

    • Continue to work in the same order.

    • Be sure to insert the socket at the very top.

    • Assemble the U-head jack and adjust the height 

    Photo of the construction site

    HL 486 System Scaffold

    Supplement and reinforce the safety and efficiency of external scaffold work, which has been installed with steel pipe scaffold pipe, which can be used in all construction sites for remodeling and multi-purpose buildings (Distribution facilities, plant facilities, and shipyards)

    Five strengths of system scaffold

    • Safety : It secures safety with products in the exact size and solid connections
    • Economic feasibility : It has excellent economic feasibility by reducing the time of assembly in construction and lightening the weight
    • Durability : It has excellent durability and rust preventive ability as a product of a special material (STK500) and molten zinc plating.
    • Diversity : It has a reinforced vertical material that can be applied to a complex round type structure.
    • Speed : It maintains a height of 190mm between stories so that the worker can freely go through the work passage, putting on the safety helmet.
  • Horizontal material


    Vertical material(Ф48.6*2.3t)

    We prevent loosening, jarring, and dislocation in advance by solid wedge type assembly using 48.6*2.3t STK material and are equipped with various products, from 275mm through 3800mm. There is no need for separate reinforcement work when the safety foothold is placed by preventing the foot from sinking thanks to the difference in height, and we have secured safe access and workspace with the interval of height 1900mm.
    Size L(mm) Weight(kg)
    P-38 3800 14.1
    P-19 1900 7.4
    P-09 950 4.0
    P-04 475 2.2
    P-02 275 1.6
  • Horizontal material


    Horizontal material(Ф42.7*2.3t)

    Lightweight simple wedge type assembly allows safe assembly, shortening the time of removal, which has excellent economic feasibility.
    Size L(mm) Weight(kg)
    H-18 1829 4.8
    H-15 1524 4.3
    H-12 1219 3.4
    H-09 914 2.8
    H-09 610 2.1
  • Cross bracing


    Cross bracing(Ф26.7*2637)

    Size L(mm) A B Weight(kg)
    B-2637 2637 1900 1829 3.7
    B-1693 1693 1425 914 2.6
    B1318 1318 950 914 2.0
  • Jack base, bracket

  • Safety foothold, stairs foothold


    Safety foothold

    Flooring material used as a a temporary alley and walk plate for construction work. Types vary depending on the use; it is light and easy to install and dismantle. 
    Size Weight(kg)
    400*1829 13.9
    400*1524 12.0
    400*1219 10.0
    400*914 8.3
    400*610 6.2

    stairs foothold
    (460*2637 26kg)
    (510*2637 29Kg)

  • Truss, scaffold support


    Truss(3600L 19.5kg)


    Scaffold support
    (HK-2434 240-130 1.1kg)
    (HK-3352 330-520 1.5kg)

  • Photo of the construction site

    Pipe support

  • Used as support for mold support. Can be adjusted easily with screw and pin according to the height of the installation

    Photo of product

    Photo of construction

    Size name Min. height(mm) Max. height(mm) Allowable load Weight(kg)
    V0 1400 2300   9.6
    V1 1800 3300 1800 12.3
    V2 2000 3500 1500 12.8
    V3 2400 3900 1350 13.7
    V4 2700 4000 1350 14.2
    V5 3000 5000 1000 16.0
    V6 4500 6000 700 19.0
  • Jack Support

    Support for heavyweight, mainly used for a limited area, etc., easy to install and construct, mainly used in apartment basement parking lot under heavyweight

    Range of use(mm) Weight(kg) Allowable load Max. Load(ton)
    2500~2800 65 30 48.0
    2500~2800 71 30 48.0
    3000~3300 74 30 44.0
    3500~3800 83 30 44.0

    How to install jack support

  • Pipe scaffold

  • Pipe scaffold Pipe

    Using steel pipe for pipe scaffold and hardware for exclusive use. It is freely assembled and disassembled

    Size Weight
    External diameterΦ(mm) Thickness(mm) 2m 3m 4m 6m
    48.6 2.3 5.3 7.9 10.5 15.8
  • Attached hardware

    Clamp(Fixed, Rotation, Orthogonal)

    Short pipe joint

  • Composite wall support

    Use of composite wall support

    A method developed to increase economic feasibility by reducing the term of construction, material expenses, and labor costs, by resolving the precision wall construction or waterproof problems, supporting the side pressure occurring during the concrete curing, without welding or attaching Form Tie and T-Bar to the mold for composite wall of basement concrete structures such as apartment, multi-purpose building, office building, and commercial building.

    Strength of composite wall support

    • Personnel expenses are reduced to 1/3 as compared to the separation type, and the flaw of installation due to immaturity of use is reduced.
    • Secure safety of materials as the structure of the composite wall is welded
    • Two persons can work without equipment
    • Minimize flaws like bulging on the composite wall with the distribution of side pressure with supporting the composite wall in a certain form
    • Able to manage at lower costs in organizing materials
    • Reduction of elements of loss and damage of materials소

    Structure of composite wall support

    Composite Wall Soldier system

    The Soldier System is a formless tie for the composite wall (Soldier method), which is a method developed to fully support concrete lateral pressure without the composite wall metal and welded form tie by installing a formwork on the opposite side of the wall of the partition wall when constructing an underground outer wall formwork.  

  • How to install soldier system step 1

    How to install soldier system step 2

  • Photo of the construction site

    Safety equipment and material


    Installed in sidewall, slab, and balcony in outdoor scaffold work, which allows safe work, supporting scaffold or connecting foothold

    Balcony bracket

    Classification L(mm) A(mm) Weight(kg)
    Single line 740 100~260 9.4
    Double line 950 100~260 10

    Slab bracket

    Classification L(mm) A(mm) Weight(kg)
    Single line 500 600 7.9
    Double line 950 1200 14.4

    Side bracket

    Classification L(mm) A(mm) Weight(kg)
    Single line 740 100~250 10.6
    Double line 1000 100~250 11.2

    Safety balustrade

    Safety facility material installed prior to the installation of a permanent facility in the balcony, stairs or slab of structures

    Hoist door

    Used as a safety door in installing a lift elevator for construction work, which does not need support, easy to install and remove

    Balustrade mold for the opening of the elevator (E/V balustrade)

    Safety facility material installed in the opening of the elevator, which can be adjusted according to the size of the opening

    Safety foothold

    Used as floor materials such as temporary alley and work foothold necessary for construction work, or easy to install and remove in installing a work plate after installing the scaffold because it is lightweight with a hook ring

    * Mold: A work foothold used in towers, etc. with high durability and safety
    Used as a work foothold of the scaffold, hanging the scaffold on the rings on both sides to use as a safe foothold.

    Size(mm) Weight(kg)
    400*1829 13.8
    500*1829 16.7

    Stair foothold

    Size(mm) Weight(kg)
    250*914 10.0

    Vertical protection net & Debris net

    Mainly used to protect workers or pedestrians from falling objects and also able to protect the workers falling.

    Safety net installation ladder

    Size(mm) Weight(kg)
    400*4000 23.8

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